Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring in the mountains.....

Here is a veiw of my front yard with my huge porch.I have lots of plans for the porch.Duke doesn't like my plans and redecorates for me.LOL He likes to eat the furniture, tear up my cottage pillows, and rips up the cozy quilts.He takes down my decorations at xmas and halloween too. So I give up....Till we get a fence so he can't come up on the porch whenever he wants too.I want white picket vinyal to match my porch rails.I love it and its just so easy to wipe down and not have to worry about painting wood all the time.
This is my redecorator Duke.My male dane, he is 3 1/2 years old and 170 pounds.He can do lawns too.Rips out weeping willow trees with one tug and can carry a lawn mower like its a dog treat.

Here is the front veiw from the house.The mountain in front of the house is alot greener then out back.3 of my Great Danes also in the pic.Hunter is the Fawn,Timber a Brindle and Duke is Black.
This is the veiw from my sliding glass doors.Its a water fall that feeds our pond.Notice all the Dogwood trees in bloom?
Seems like the ducks are growing by the day.They are so funny to watch.When the boys get home from school and the ducks hear them talking while walking up the driveway they peep and start quacking.They follow the boys too,I guess they think there the moms.LOL
Here they are searching the pond for food.

Above is Mikey's Duck.He named it Oreo.Yup he was the lil sickly guy!

Wow are they ever getting big!
Remember you can click on the pics to enlarge them.Hope you enjoy,Jen

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Decorating

Well,Hello...It's been awhile.I really miss chatting with my blogger friends. I have been really busy at work and not too much time for crafting.The little chicks and ducks are getting bigger by the day.I must post new pics of them too.Here are some of my new things I have had time to do.I just love them all.Very Springy!
I just love how this candle set came out.I hand painted my roses and then Welcome Spring to the front of the candle.

My hand painted keys.This set is pink on one side and aqua blue on the other with my tiny hand painted roses on each side.

My hand painted pink candle sticks,bunnies and needle roll sachet can all be found in my Etsy Store.

Darling Bunny family.Momma bunny and the two baby bunnies.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.Hope you enjoy!Have a wonderful spring day!Jennifer

Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring chicks and ducks

About a week ago the boys bought 8 ducks from Tractor Supply and a few more chicks.Above is Mikes little duck.When he picked this duck out it was the smallest and pretty weak.He was attached at first sight.The cashier wanted him not to take it and insisted on him putting it back.She even tried to get me too when he was not looking.So I called Mike over and told him what she said,and that she didn't think he was gonna make it and she wanted him to leave him.Mike said, No I want him.I told him he would get upset if it didn't make it. Then asked him if he was sure he wanted to chance it?He said yes he was gonna help this lil guy and try to get him better.The cashier told Mike he was one strong minded boy and she thought alot of him to take this sick duck and help him.He smiled at her.So we left with the little black and yellow duck.After one night home with TLC from Mikey the ducky was doing great.The big yellow one is Marcus's duck.All are doing wonderful and growing bigger by the day.