Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My cozy cottage in the mountains...

This is my table in the kitchen were I like to set and have my coffee and read my magazines on my day off from work.I bought this vintage table cloth awhile ago and then found chair pads to match this past week.It matches my vintage aqua china, I have been collecting for some time now.The french doors you see behind the chair leads into my family room were I do my blogging.
Close up.
This is my rooster Lorpe.He is trip.He watches me paint.Listens to my every word.He can be up top of the mountain across the pond at the hen house and he will come running soon as he hears me say his name.He even talks.
Golden Commet. This is Miss Chickie she is a couple years old now.
This is a Aracana chick she will lay a colored egg instead of brown or white.
Hens ,roosters, and chickies.
Dutchess setting out in the yard with the hens,ducks,and roosters.No she does not bother them at all.She is very protective of them and us whenever something comes in the yard. Hope you enjoy and remember all pics are clickable to enlarge them for better veiwing.Thanks for visiting. Jen

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Blogging Area is in my Family Room..Come see...

My Desk is in my Family Room so this is where I do all my blogging at.I have my desk here because I can work and be with the family at the same time.I don't watch a whole lot of tv so this is perfect for me.I keep my favorite things on my desk the last b-day doll my Poppop got me before he passed away.My Mommoms mass card.The cross stitch towel I made with a kitty on it.Then other pretty things are around me.I have large window that overlook the pond I can watch the chickens grazing and the cats playing and the boys fishing.I really and truly love this area.Very Comfy.

Rachel over at The Rose Room is having a "nice to meet you" party in honor of her 100th post! So I decided to join.Plus fabulous prizes???? Sounds like so much fun! All she is asking is that we share where we do our blogging.NOW for the other things Rachel wants us to do - answer a few questions about ourselves.
1. Relationship: Married for 17 years to my best friend Joe
2. Children:3 boys Joey,Marcus and Mikey
3. Pets:4 great danes Dutchess Duke Hunter and Timber,A beagle Copper,Lab mix Jessie and I took in my brothers dog when he went active duty the first time,her name is Frauline.6 cats,Phoenix, Spooky,Misty,Skiddy,Molly Cat,Flash.3 rabbits 46 chickens!Now thats it.LOL
4. Age: 36
5. Star sign: Capicorn
6. Favorite food: Steak on the grill, baked potatoes and corn on the cob
7. Favorite drink: Pepsi /Milk/coffee/sweet tea
8. House decor style:Cozy Cottage, Cabin/Lodge Style.I add my own touches to everything.LOL
9. Collections:roses,vases,china,
10. How did I get into blogging: My Dear Sweet friend Connie.Without her I could have never done it.She taught me it all!!
So now just go to Rachels and join in!
Thanks for visiting and looking forward to meeting new blogging friends!

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Bunnies.Ducks playing in pond.New chicken pen

Here are the new bunnies the boys bought Monday.They are adorable.

They escaped today and Dutchess came pawing at the door all excited to tell me they were loose.What a time I had catching them.They jump at the door and the lock unlatches so now I tie it with a bow.

The ducks have really grown.Notice the one upside down in the water with its butt in the air.LOL Searching for food.

This is the new chicken pen we are working on.Its totaly fenced in roof and all so the fox and coons can't kill them this year.We have 42 hens and 4 roosters 25 of the hens are still chicks that we got this year.Dutchess made herself right at home in the hen house.
Phoenix and Spooky sleeping on Dutchess's new beds.I bought for 9.98 at Tractor Suppley and plan on making a cover to make one bed for Dutchess.
Dutchess playing in the pond.
Pics of the pond loaded with pollen from the trees.
Have fun looking at the pics.All are clickable to enlarge.Thanks for looking,Jen
Boys chairs lined up where they fish.Yellow buff hen near the pond.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Happy Mothers Day Mom! Your not only my Mom, but my best friend and I treasure ever moment we spend together.You have taught me so many things in life, and I have become the person I am today because of you.I love You!Love Always,Jennifer
This Beautiful card was given to me on Mother's Day last year by my Mom and I treasure it.I think it is so beautiful.
Happy Mother's Day to all my blogger friends out there!!Enjoy your day!Love ,Jen

Friday, May 2, 2008

May Day Swap

Well Vickie really spoiled me!!!!My cowboy hat was over flowing with goodies. There were ribbons, beaded fringe,roses. Wallies. Beautiful bunny paper.Silk flowers and pale pink wired basket. Different flavors of teas, Ghiradelli CHOC bar dark raspberry.Emm it was so good!Oh a diamond sparkly rhinestone bracelet. A hand held fan withvictorian lady and pretty roses. A tea cup with roses. Pretty pink note pad paper with a pen in the shape of a dress.And The tea note pad is so sweet.It says things to do after I have tea,and it had a tea bag on the front. Vintage lav ric rac,buttons a crochet doily in the shape of a hanging basket. Thank you very much Vickie.You know me so well!Jen Remember you can click on all pics to enlarge!

Vintage aqua hanky.Love it!

Starbucks gift card.YUMMY!!!!Best thing about the card is theres a Starbucks in the resort I work at,so I don't have to go very far to use this.

The pen and pad set is adorable and the other tea time one is the best.It says."Things to do After I Have tea.Here we have ~~~ My Swap things to Miss Vickie.~~~~~

Here are the pics of the swap items I sent to Miss Vickie.I know she loves teapots and all tea related things.Her kitchen has a beautiful teapot chandelier.So I did her box in pale pink with my favorite teapot fabric in pink.I added pink wired ribbon and glitter.I then filled the box with crafts supplies,such as ribbons ,pearls,tags , a piece of tea pot fabric, and different flavored teas, a hershey bar.After that I thought this little salt & pepper tray set in the shape of a tea set would be perfect for Vickie.So I hand painted my roses to each piece.I also did a little heart box with my roses and added lace.A sachet with lavender.
Thanks for looking and please stop back again.Hope you enjoy,Jen