Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jennifers Petal Palace Add in Romantic Homes

I am so excited to announce my add in the June issue of Romantic Homes.On the second page.Look for "Jennifer's Petal Palace". Please come and take a look and see all that I made.

Jennifer's Petal Palace came about in the 90's. While in school. I had to write a business plan for floral design,horticulture,and green housing.My florist shop would be named,Jennifer's Petal Palace. I love floral design and working with all flowers.When I first started out selling online I decided to name my ebay store Jennifer's Petal Palace, after all I was hand painting my roses so it still made sense to use that name. While working at a florist locally in town I would still create my crafts,flea market finds,cross stitch,sewing and sell them online.So here we are almost 10 years later and Jennifer's Petal Palace is still going on Ebay and now on Etsy and now my FAVORITE of all LOLLI SHOPS! I am doing what I love the most creating beautiful whimsical things for your homes.With lots of TLC and love going into each item I create.So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and come window shop with me.

Below you will find lots of items that can be used for Mother's day or May day.

"The Dance" Faux Cake

Rhinestones pearls paper roses,millinery roses,flowers.Sparkling tu tu.

May Day Banner Faux Cookies ribbon and roses

Faux Spring Cross Cookies

Sweet Angel Faux Cake

May Day Faux Cake


Lavender Faux Heart Cake

Robins egg blue bird house with Hand Painted roses & green bird.

Tall Bird House with pink bird and hand painted roses.

Pale pInk Round Faux cake

Pale blue Heart Faux Cake

Pale Pink Heart Faux Cake

Spring time water can faux cookies

Thank you for stopping by,Jennifer

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pink Sat 4/25/09 and new arrivals on the farm

Happy Pink Saturday!Pink Saturday,is hosted by Beverly of How Sweet The Sound.Click on her link to visit with other pink sat posters.

For this pink sat I have some pics of my bedroom to show you.It is a beach cottage theme.It is done in aqua with touches of pink.
This is my kitty Cinderella.You may remember me posting about him in the fall. I rescued him from a bridge.Someone had dumped him.He is a major scardy cat.When he hears the doors open he runs and hides for 2 hours and is afraid when he hears quads and truckstoo.He even hates my stereo speakers that are in the ceiling of the house,totaly freaks him out.

He loves laying in all my pink pretties.He is very prissy.LOL
This past week our new chicks arrived and ducks.There are 45 new chickies and 6 baby ducks.

Check out this little guys hair do.LOL

Thank you for visiting.Sunday I will have a very exciting post and I can't wait to share.Have a great weekend.Jennifer

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pink Sat 4/18/09

Happy Pink Saturday!Pink Saturday,is hosted by Beverly of How Sweet The Sound.Click on her link to visit with other pink sat posters.

Hello for this pink Saturday, I would like to show you these adorable bunnies my Mom(Shirls Rose Cottage) made for me. Aren't they just adorable?If you would like to order one just click here.Moms~Blog

Sorry this is late I put the wrong date in on my scheduled posts.Have a great week!Jen

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pink Sat April 11 2009 & Easter Decor

Happy Pink Saturday!Pink Saturday,is hosted by Beverly of How Sweet The Sound.Click on her link to visit with other pink sat posters.

This pink sat,I have lots of pink to show you.My easter decor has all shades of pink.This table cloth is from a great great aunt.My mom recently gave it to me.I love using it on my dining room table.Love it with the wood walls.I think it has such a cottage cozy feel.The fabric is so pretty in it.I have to find more out about the quilt and I will post better pics of it and more details.
I really need to use my new camera.Ya can't see the detail of how cute everything is.Bought lots of batteries for practice though.

My poor arrangement.Cinderella keeps tearing it apart and sleeping in the center.He loves the little chick too on the tidbit tray.He pulls it down and bats it around so it tweets. That is why in the above pic it is setting on the table.What a crazy cat.LOL
Bunny place mat.My vintage easter pins from avon,they used to hold creme perfume.
Bunny tray that is so cute.The Bunny with the 3 baby bunnies, My mom bought me a several years ago,it reminded her of me and my 3 boys.

You will find pink everywhere ya look in my house except for the boys rooms and there bathroom.LOL

My Easter tree is so sweet this year I think.The prettiest pastel ornies.

My favorite sequined egg in pastel pink and aqua.

A fabric covered cake Mom made for me and my chick box.Some of my stuffed bunnies Mom gave me through the years.

Some cute bunnies I painted last year.

Happy 13th Birthday Mikey!
Mikes bday was April 5th and he turned 13.He is the baby of the 3 boys.Growing pretty darn fast.LOL He doesn't like cake and wanted ice cream.So off to DQ we went.I loved the Dairy Queen Cake, it has horses on it that looked just like my horses.Cheif Happi Star,a Appoloosa and Lady Di a Quater horse.It was the only cake they had that could be for a boy so I grabed it.Mikey was fine with it.He wants a horse someday too... Thank you for stopping by.Have a wonderful Easter.Hugs,Jen

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Pink sat 4/4/09

Happy Pink Saturday!Pink Saturday,is hosted by Beverly of How Sweet The Sound.Click on her link to visit with other pink sat posters.

Hello friends.Hope you had a wonderful week.The weather here has been windy and rainy.Thats great for the new buds coming in though.All the dog wood trees are blooming now and looking really pretty,bulbs even have flowers now.My phone lines have pretty much been out all week.They finally fixed it today.Whenever it rains my phones would be so full of static that my computer would disconnect( Dial up)and it has been this way for years.I hope they fixed it for good this time.They said the problem was on the road over the mountain behind us.Everyone has been having the same problem.It would sound like horses galloping when trying to talk.Really anoying.It seems good tonight,haven't been disconnected once.Well anyway.Here are some yummy pink easter cupcakes for pink sat.

Some of my aqua vinatge things.My rose plate collection.Notice my ice cream cones.I love them!!!Strawberry,Mint and Chocolate.Yummmmy

Thank you for visiting me last week.I will be able to visit now that the lines are fixed hopefully.Yes my son had a Wonderful time at the openhouse at the college last week.Thank you all for the kind words and comments.Cap and Gown came home today with him! Gradutation is almost here! Time to think about what all he will need to take to his dorm.Wow does time fly....Have a wonderful weekend.Jen