Saturday, December 11, 2010

pink sat 12/11/10 and some christmas decor

Happy Pink Sat,Please visit the link below for more pink sat links.Thank you Beverly for hosting this event. This tree is full of all my handmade ornaments and vintage.

I didn't put much out this year,with the new puppy.Here is our tv cabinet in the den.Just a log cabin a moose and pine tree.Also sometins with snow scence.I keep my sons 11 by 14 pic up there too.

Close up of Joey,he will be home soon for Christmas.

My tree top Lorena of Rose Chic Friends made me last year.I love it because its a Navy Guy.She sent me this because of Joey going into the Navy last year.Isn't it just beautiful?Lots of pink shiny brites on our tree.
My handpainted roses orns too.

More vintage and handmade.

Thank you for visiting,Jen

Friday, December 10, 2010

Meet Bear

Hi everyone its been forever since I have posted.Lots has happened through the past months.This is our only house dog now.My dear Dutchess the Great Dane went to rainbow bridge and so did our Chi Angel.We miss them dearly..We got this little guy in July not long after Joey left for the Great Lakes to go to Navy boot camp.I will post more about him in the next couple days.Anyway Bear was in a grocery cart at walmart when we came out and Marcus and Mikey just had to have him.Since he was free we let them.We think he is about full size now.He will be going to get fixed next month since he is almost 6 months.He is house broke already.Dutchess taught him so much before she left us.He does so much things like her its unreal.Like she is still with us at times.He plays like her walks around like her and is just as lovable.I think her soul is with him.Some things he does do, that she didn't.LOL He loves to eat the christmas tree lights,he got shocked last week.That was scarey.He is a very picky eater.He loves seafood.LOL Enjoy the pics.

I loaded them wrong.Sorry.They go from now to when he first came home.

Dec 10 2010 Dec 8 2010 Mike and Bear sledding

Yes the crazy dog sets on his lap while he sleds.LOL

Bear and Mike
Marcus Bear and Mikey.
The day we brought Bear home.
He had alot of silver on his nose,and blue eyes.Notice the little black dots?They have now faded.
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