Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Gifts from Celeste

Celeste made these 3 beautiful eggs for me with millinery roses,pearls and lace on top.Aren't they so pretty?The choc milk mix was so good!I love the hanging bunny I have her on my lamp now.Those chocs were the best.I had never had them before.The wind chime in pink is hanging in my kitchen window above my sink.Every time it chimes I am reminded of Celeste,It's like she is saying HELLO and I smile. The hose tag with roses she painted is just darling and last but not least is the most beautiful box with a victorian lady on the front.I love everything !Thank you so very much Celeste.If you would like to visit Celestes blog just click on her name in my PRH blog friends list.Have a wonderful Spring day! Jen


Well the chicks have arrived!All 25 of them safe and sound!We sell Farm Fresh Eggs and had to add more chicks to the hen house.They are so sweet!