Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pink Saturday Feb 21 2009 & Pink Faux cakes for Lolli shop

Happy Pink Saturday!
Pink Saturday,is hosted by Beverly of How Sweet The Sound.
Click on her link to visit with other pink sat posters.
This week I have to show you my 2 of my pink faux cakes that will be going in my Lolli shop.I hope you enjoy. This little bunny is carrying his decorated easter egg,he is surrounded my roses and a aqua ribbon on his neck.
Some hand painted porcelain eggs.

This faux cake I have named "Easter Sunday"Bunnies chicks and ducks are gathering in front of the church.

The sides of the keepsake box are decorated too,with lace ribbon roses and icing.

Thank you for visiting,Jennifer
Thank you to all that entered my giveaway for the all dolled up party.The winner is Joyce B Hanson.Please email me your address for your prize.
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

All Dolled up Party for Lolli Shops & Pink Sat

Happy Valentines Day! Welcome to my "All Dolled Up Party" featuring a bunch of Lolli Shop Store owners.My Lolli Shop Store ~ Jennifer's Petal Palace
Then for all the pink things my pink saturday post,Pink Saturday,is hosted by Beverly of How Sweet The Sound .

All dolled up is a group of Lolli gals that are hosting partys and many are also having give aways.I can't get all my pics to load tonight, I don't know if its the snow coming in or if its this darn dial up? Even tried this am to get them to load but they won't and thats all that will upload.Enjoy...... Rosey the vintage cabbage patch doll is hosting a tea party for the All Dolled Up Party,come and join us there plenty of freshly baked pastries and hot tea even some bubbly..

Pink Valentine heart keepsake faux cake box and faux sugar cookies. EMMMMMM Yummy....

Do you see something hidden in this pic listed in my lolli shop? If so leave me a comment saying I found it,but dont post it on here as others will see it.I will email you for your answer and you will be entered in my giveaway.

The pic below is my grandmother's Cabbage patch doll.It was the original,before they made the plastic ones.She is made of fabric.Also signed ,she came with a reg birth certificate and all.I have her dressed in my valentine dress, from when I was little. My mom, of Shirl's Rose Cottage had made me for a valentines party.It has kittens on it, with pink hearts.I love it! Rosey is ready and wearing her crown.

Her curls are made from yarn.

Faux sugar cookies

Faux cake keepsake box

Side veiw.

Phoenix decided to join us for our tea party.He is all dolled up carrying his grannies heart lolli's.

Would you like some Valentine party cupcakes?

There are some things in these pics too listed in my Lolli shop can you find them? Leave a comment saying what you find in my store and pictured here you will be entered in my giveaway.

Some yummy strawberry cupcakes ,cream wafers,pink tea pot cookies.

Thank you for visiting my party!Have a Happy saturday! I will pick the winner of my giveawy on friday Feb 20.Goodluck.Hugs,Jen

Hand Blown eggs right from our chicken pen.Martha Stewart had the most beautiful eggs in last years issue.If ya still have it dig it out some beautiful easter decor things.

Hand painted eggs.

I have some BEAUTFUL easter things done and ready for spring decor.I will be adding more Easter things to my line that I will be posting this week.Please stop back for a peek.I made some wonderful keepsake boxes.Can't wait for spring........

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Pink Saturday 2/7/09 & My New Lollie Shop Items

Well I had prescheduled my pink saturday post and it did not go up this morning, as It was suppossed to.Sorry....I must not have done it the right way?? I am just now getting online today to check my email.Its beautiful here today almost in the 60's.So enjoying it while I can.I'm sure theres snow around the corner again.My wind chimes are singing to me so theres no keeping me on this old computer today!!LOL

Happy Pink Saturday!Pink Saturday,is hosted by Beverly of How Sweet The Sound.Click on her link to visit with other pink sat posters.

I made this little Valentine Nut cup this week out of ruffled crepe paper pearls,some paper faux pastries and some other cool supplies I came across.

The back has a little truffle on it.
Next I have my faux gingerbread bird house decorated for easter with easter eggs and roses.I also hand painted roses to the sides and front.
Perfect cottage for a shabby style bird.

These darling Ceramic easter baskets and some supplies came from my aunts store when she closed it. She sent me some neat things.I decorated them with a vintage flocked chick,hand painted rose wooden egg. Ribbon and millinery flowers.This one is in pink then I have another in Lavender.

Isn't this just the cutest? I love it.

Here she is outside her ceramic basket with the hand painted rose egg.

This is the lavender theme set, Hand painted wooden egg ,Vintage flocked chick with lavender hat and millinery roses setting in a ceramic easter basket.
These little chicks are just so cute I could hug them.

I only have 2 of these and they will be going in my Lolli shop tonight for sale.
Then for my last pic I thought I would show you a picture in my new 2009 calender.I just love the feb pic.
Happy Pink saturday!Thank you for stopping by,Jen
PS ..
Come Back this week For, Our All DOlled Up Party on Lollie shops!!!I will be hosting a give away and some of the other venders are also.The link is at the top of my blog just under my Lolli store badge.The bage is a little girl carring a cake click on it and you can read all about it.Hugs,Jen