Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pink Sat April 11 2009 & Easter Decor

Happy Pink Saturday!Pink Saturday,is hosted by Beverly of How Sweet The Sound.Click on her link to visit with other pink sat posters.

This pink sat,I have lots of pink to show you.My easter decor has all shades of pink.This table cloth is from a great great aunt.My mom recently gave it to me.I love using it on my dining room table.Love it with the wood walls.I think it has such a cottage cozy feel.The fabric is so pretty in it.I have to find more out about the quilt and I will post better pics of it and more details.
I really need to use my new camera.Ya can't see the detail of how cute everything is.Bought lots of batteries for practice though.

My poor arrangement.Cinderella keeps tearing it apart and sleeping in the center.He loves the little chick too on the tidbit tray.He pulls it down and bats it around so it tweets. That is why in the above pic it is setting on the table.What a crazy cat.LOL
Bunny place mat.My vintage easter pins from avon,they used to hold creme perfume.
Bunny tray that is so cute.The Bunny with the 3 baby bunnies, My mom bought me a several years ago,it reminded her of me and my 3 boys.

You will find pink everywhere ya look in my house except for the boys rooms and there bathroom.LOL

My Easter tree is so sweet this year I think.The prettiest pastel ornies.

My favorite sequined egg in pastel pink and aqua.

A fabric covered cake Mom made for me and my chick box.Some of my stuffed bunnies Mom gave me through the years.

Some cute bunnies I painted last year.

Happy 13th Birthday Mikey!
Mikes bday was April 5th and he turned 13.He is the baby of the 3 boys.Growing pretty darn fast.LOL He doesn't like cake and wanted ice cream.So off to DQ we went.I loved the Dairy Queen Cake, it has horses on it that looked just like my horses.Cheif Happi Star,a Appoloosa and Lady Di a Quater horse.It was the only cake they had that could be for a boy so I grabed it.Mikey was fine with it.He wants a horse someday too... Thank you for stopping by.Have a wonderful Easter.Hugs,Jen


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Just look at your handsome young man! Your table is beautiful and the table cloth, wonderful! You have a nack for decorating and putting all the little bits together just right. That's so funny about Cinderella. Mitten was doing the same thing to one of my arrangements! Why do they do that? I've got your crosses up on my site today. Perfect for Easter!

Connie said...

You did "outstanding" on this post! Everythings looks great, honey. Happy pink saturday and happy birthday to your baby.........:-0

Mimi said...

♥A lovely and purr-fect Pink Saturday blog post. During this most holy time of the year I am wishing you rainbows, gracious days, dewdrop nights and the love of friends and family to comfort you and hold you close.♥

Shirl said...

Hi Jen, Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter. Your house looks so pretty this year for Easter. The quilt is perfect on your table. I love how your Easter tree look this year too. So pretty with all your Easter Cookies on it. Mikey looks so cute in his birthday pix!
Love you, Mom
Shirls Rose Cottage

Claudia said...

Lovely pink post! The quilt is so pretty! Happy Pink Saturday!

Deanna said...

Hi Jennifer,
I loved the quilt on the table and the rabbits that you painted. Your Easter tree is just lovely!

Happy Birthday to the little one!

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday
and Happy Easter
Deanna :D

someplace in thyme said...

Happy Birthday to the young man and it's wonderful that you have such great items to bring back all the memories of good times and love shared by many. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter too, Char

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jen, Your home is simply gorgeous in all your beautiful Pink. I adore that tablecloth. It is very cottage cozy for sure.
Your tree is so pretty and the bunnies you painted like mine, that I love and have displayed in my new shabby guestroom along with the pretty eggs, cupcakes and pretties you gave me last year.

Happy Birthday to your baby. He is a handsome young man. I love his icecream cake with the horses.

Your home is so pretty for Easter and Spring. But I am not surprised, with your talent for display.

Love ya and Happy Easter,
Celestina Marie

HiHo said...

the quilted table top is charming and a perfect fit for Easter...
happy pinks, Heidi

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Jen, Happy belated Pink Saturday and Easter. Your place looks so shabby sweet pink and fabulous. You and your mother are two peas in a pod! :) You two always decorate so pretty. I would love to be at your home for any occasion. There is so much eye candy, you'd have a hard time getting rid of me! pink hugs, Ellen

p.s. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

vickie said...

Everything is so pretty, Jen. Your son is a teenager, he must be so excited. Your tree looks so cute, and the tablecloth/quilt is beautiful.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sweetie! Happy birthday to your precious little guuy :) What a cutie he is! I adore all of your pretty Easter decor Jen! Love the platter and the bunny with her babies :) Your creations are so beautiful and so perfect!
I hope you had a lovely Easter!
Love you,

Lori said...

Awe, Happy Birthday sweet son! I so wish my Mikie, was still 13.... I really like the contrst of the beautiful pinks and the wood walls! everything looks great! Yes, my cat is always getting into something! I made a Easter/spring piece with pom-poms on the edge, wake up and some were eatten off!!! UGH!! Take care,Lori

Katie said...

What a lovely post Jen! Everything is so beautiful!