Friday, May 23, 2008

New Bunnies.Ducks playing in pond.New chicken pen

Here are the new bunnies the boys bought Monday.They are adorable.

They escaped today and Dutchess came pawing at the door all excited to tell me they were loose.What a time I had catching them.They jump at the door and the lock unlatches so now I tie it with a bow.

The ducks have really grown.Notice the one upside down in the water with its butt in the air.LOL Searching for food.

This is the new chicken pen we are working on.Its totaly fenced in roof and all so the fox and coons can't kill them this year.We have 42 hens and 4 roosters 25 of the hens are still chicks that we got this year.Dutchess made herself right at home in the hen house.
Phoenix and Spooky sleeping on Dutchess's new beds.I bought for 9.98 at Tractor Suppley and plan on making a cover to make one bed for Dutchess.
Dutchess playing in the pond.
Pics of the pond loaded with pollen from the trees.
Have fun looking at the pics.All are clickable to enlarge.Thanks for looking,Jen
Boys chairs lined up where they fish.Yellow buff hen near the pond.


Connie said...

Really cute, Jen! I especially like Dutchess in the pond!!!

shirl said...

Jen, these pics are so cute! Somehow I missed that the boys got bunnies. They are so cute. The ducks look like they are having so much fun in all that water! The chickens are growing like wild fire! The pond looks so pretty with the chairs. Dutches just looks everything over like she's keeping watch on it all! LOL Such a peaceful place we line in!!!
Love you!

Stephanie said...

Jen, your babies are all so sweet! I've always loved Dutchess, she is just beautiful! And those bunnies are adorable. Isn't Phoenix the one you used to dress up in a wedding veil?!?! Spooky is too cute. I love going to Towne Lake & feeding the ducks. It must be heaven to have your own!

Thanks so much for sharing your piece of paradise!

Love ya,
Angelic Accents

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Jen! I love all of your precious animals! The bunnies are darling! You are so lucky! I think I am going to go to the fair today and get one. Our neighbor just got one yesterday, everyone is getting them! What a beautiful place to live! I would love to have so many animals!!

Love ya,

Cami said...

I'm really considering ducks. Although what I really want is a donkey! Enjoyed your post!

catieann said...

thank you for sharing photos of'your' paradise!
What a fun place for the boys to grow up. My husband grew up with his grandparents in a place just like yours!!

vickie said...

Love your home, Jen. The area where the chairs are by the pond looks so relaxing. All the animals are wonderful, and Dutchess, the guardian of them all! So cute.