Friday, July 17, 2009

Pink sat 7/18/09

Welcome.Happy Pink Saturday!Pink Saturday,is hosted by Beverly of How Sweet The Sound.Click on her link to visit with other pink sat posters.Thank you to Beverly for hosting this fun event!
Hello, This is Dutchess posting.My Mom is taking a break from the computer and blogging....So I am posting a pic of me resting in my pink glasses and pink camo rhinestone cap.
Did ya notice my glasses have rhinestones too?Yes I am a Diva/Farm Chic dog.I like my satin bed, but I like to go play on the farm and have a hot bath at night.
Last night I got to camp out with the boys around the pond,we had a camp fire and slept under the stars.Mom tried to make me come in but I wouldn't.I slept all day though to make up for it of course in the air conditioned house.
Things have been busy here on the farm,new chicks arrived, and my human brothers brought home some new creatures last weekend.
Goats can you believe it?There pretty small goats too and won't get any bigger.There names are Daisy and Kelly.Mom tells me there kittens so I have to be nice to them, just like the bunnies.

Mom tells me everything is a baby kitty just so I am extra careful.Kelly has the pink collar on.

Marcus and Mike ordered 3 Aracanuas and 7 Sultans,When they pack chicks they add extra roosters for warmth.So the blacks are Roosters.The curious brown one looking at me is a Aracanua.Here I am making sure all the chicks are there.

This pretty little bantam chick we have two of.My Mom thinks there beautiful.She sings so well too fpr a chicken....
Our bunnies Pablo and Bunny Girl live with the Bantam chicks.The Bantam are seperate from the big chickens cause the Roosters are mean to them some of our hens are too.Wehave 9 fancy breed bantams.Some look pretty crazy too!

Well I'll end this post with this close up of Bunny Girl.
It's late and this girl needs her rest.Thank you so much for vistingand I hope you enjoyed my post.Big slobbery licks and woofs.Dutchess


Shirl said...

Hello Dutch and Jen, Happy Pink Saturday! What a cute post and I bet you are tired Dutch for being up all night. Molly and Goldie were barking last night they must have heard you and your human brothers! Your new little friends are soooo sweet.

Love you, Mom
Shirls Rose Cottage

Connie said...

Your farm animals are just too funny and cute, sugar. I wish the boys would give you more time on the computer!! LOL

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Jen! This is the cutest post! Dutchess is so cute in the hat and glasses, love it! GLAM dog!! :)

The goats are just too cute! I bet the boys are loving them. I have told Chad many times I want a goat. He wont go for it though, lol!!!

I hope you are enjoying your summer sweetie!
Love ya,

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

:-) Happy Pink Saturday!

vickie said...

Hi Jen and Dutchess! Happy Pink Saturday. What a cute post, love all your animals, and Dutchess, the

Katie said...

Sweetest post! Loved seeing all the creatures! Happiest of Pink Saturdays to you!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Jennifer, Dutchess is a doll and so cute in her pink glasses and cap! You have so many darling animals!

Thanks for sharing!


♥Mimi♥ said...

Lovely! Thanks so much for such a sweet post today. Cold and windy and a little rainy here today. I truly needed a little lift☺

Dutchess, you did a wonderful job!

♥Have a terrific Pink Saturday♥

Wishing you and all those you love the best of weekends.

Claudia said...

Love all your animals! Cute, cute! Happy Pink Saturday!

Becky said...

Happy Pink Saturday. This post made me miss the farm that I grew up on. Lucky you.

Anonymous said...

Your life looks so fun! I have always wanted to live in the country and have rabbits and chickens! Give Dutch a good pat and hug for me! Pink Hugs, Patti

Mary said...

Great post Duchess (...and mommy)! I love your pink hat and glasses!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Love all of the sweet animals!
Mary :)

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Love all of your animals. Have a great weekend.

Hugs :)


lisa said...

That was the sweetest post, loved having a peek at all the farm animals.


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jen,
Love reading this post from Dutchess. She looks so pretty in her hat on her satin bed.
Loved all the pics of your critters on the farm. What fun for your boys to grow up with all these great memories and learnings.
Dutchess looks like she keeps everyone in line. She is so beautiful. Give her a big hug from me and Beazy!

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer. I know you are very busy.
Blessings to you always.
Love ya, Celestina Marie

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Love your "guest blogger", Jen!! She is so cute in her glasses & pink cap! Love those little chicks & goats, too! How is your back now, sweetie? I think of you often but have been having problems getting on your blog, it keeps aborting on me!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Jen! Just stopping by to say hi and I love ya :) Hope you are doing well!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Oh Duchess, I like to "think" I'm a Diva/Farm chick too! The bunny and bantam chicken are gorgeous. I LOVE those goats. How lucky your human brothers are to have such a menagerie of friends! Love your glasses and hat. You are sweet!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Oh Duchess, I like to "think" I'm a Diva/Farm chick too! The bunny and bantam chicken are gorgeous. I LOVE those goats. How lucky your human brothers are to have such a menagerie of friends! Love your glasses and hat. You are sweet!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Jennifer! This is a great Pink Saturday post. I love it from the view of the Dutchess. With your hat on her and the glasses. It is precious. Thanks so much for sharing. Great post. Love the little goats. Please stop by and say hi. I would love to have you visit. Country Hugs, Sherry