Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This is my first red wednesday.I came across this cute site of Sue's It's A Very Cherry World.
Red is one of my very favorite colors too.I have alot of it in my home.

This is my cat Phoenix who passed away in August I miss him dearly.Phoenix was always on my auctions on Ebay for the last 11 years,He wished everyone Happy Bidding.He loved to poise for pics.His last poise was a Valentine Party I hosted on my blog,for the Lolli shops opening.All Dolled up Party.He is setting with my Moms red heart silk embroidered hearts.I use pink Red and Aqua in my kitchen.
Red and green holly on cupcakes

Red bows on wreaths cupcakes

Red rose hand painted ornaments .Thank you for visiting,Jennifer


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jenn,
Oh Your sweet kitty is so adorable in the pics. I am so sorry he passed away. I know you miss him so.
I love all your red pretties and the cupcakes are gorgeous and so yummy looking. Perfect for Christmas. Love the red rose ornies too.
Once again your talents are amazing!
I always enjoy coming to visit.
Love to you, Celestina Marie

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi sweetie!
How are you and Mikey feeling? You scared me with your illness, I hope you are all better and no one else gets it! They have closed a few schools here this week due to illness :(
Pheonix is so pretty!!! I love your reds :) I have never been a red lover (I think it is because of my hair, lol!) but I love seeing it in other peoples homes!!
Love ya sweets,

~~Carol~~ said...

Sorry about the loss of your kitty Phoenix. I may be wrong, but I swear I remember seeing a kitty in the picture of something that I was looking at on Ebay, in the past. Maybe it was Phoenix! Love all of your reds, especially those hearts. Going to look through your blog now, to see if there are any pictures of your kitchen!
Happy Rednesday!

Robin Ennis Willson said...

everything is so pretty...except your handsome boy there
I'm going to look at your lollishop, never heard of it before.

Leslie said...

What a sweet must miss him very much!
Please stop by my blog if you have time-I'm doing a giveaway until Friday, Oct. 23rd.
Hugs, Leslie

SueLovesCherries said...

Hi Jennifer - welcome to Rednesdays! I'm glad I just ate lunch; otherwise, I'd be eating my computer screen right now! What luscious looking desserts you make! Keep me informed as to red ones you have for sale (although I do have pink in my bedroom)!

Dawn said...

So sorry about your cat. I'm sure your shoppers will miss him.

The lollipop hearts are so cute as are the cupcakes. I tried my hand at the faux cupcakes once. Had spackle all over the place!

Vintage To Chic said...

the cupcakes are amazing as all your goodies, Hope you are enjoying the fall change in the mountains.

Leann said...

Oh it's so sad when we loose a pet, they are part of our lives and family.

I love your crafted items, you are soo talented!


Pearl said...

Hi Jennifer!
How's your son doing? Poor little guy I hate it when kids are sick. Hope it's not serious.
Love your Christmas by the way.

Farm Chick Paula said...

So sorry about Phoenix, Jennifer- I'm sending a big hug your way.
I love all your creations... you do such beautiful work!

Shirl said...

Hi Jen, what a cute post! I'll have to check out Rednesday! I've not heard of it before but do have alot of red in my house.
Phoenix looks so cute in this pic, sure do miss him around the farm, we always had to stop and let him set in the John Deer Gator for a bit before moving on. Love your cupcakes with red and I do need to make some more Lolli's, I don't have any for myself.LOL
Love you, Mom
Shirls Rose Cottage

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Stopping by for PS. Just lovely items.