Friday, December 11, 2009

Pink Sat 12/11/09 and my pups....

Welcome to another Pink sat.Pink Saturday,is hosted by Beverly of How Sweet The Sound. Click on her link to visit with other pink sat posters.Beverly asked us to tell about our favorite decoration this week for pink sat.The first pics you will see a couple of my pink orns.

I made this ornament that says, Jesus is The Reason, For The Season
a few years ago.
My favorite decoration this year would have to be my icy blue tree.I have always loved shades of blue and I think it looks so pretty and peaceful.While growing up my Dads friends wife always had beautiful trees in everyroom at her Christmas parties.She had a silver tree with blue ornaments.I don't have one of those vintage silver trees.Just one of the walmart white trees I bought after Christmas last year.I think it came out really nice and I just love it.

This is in the parlor.

I will be doing a big post on Monday about my blue tree for Blue Monday with Sally,stop back to see more.Close ups of the ornaments too.

My BIG baby Dutchess sleeping on my love seat.I have to keep it covered with a thick blanket because her feet are so big,I'm afraid she will tear it.

Look at my sweet Angel.Here she is waiting for me to come set with her.She has become my new shadow.Now I have a Great Dane and Chihauhau in every room I head too.LOL
Angel likes this christmas cross stitch bear pillow,she curls up on top of it to go to sleep.

Have a Happy Weekend,Angel Dutchess and Jen


sissie said...

Your white tree with the blue ornaments is so pretty. Don't you just love those white trees, you can pull off any color theme and it all looks so good.
Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to come visit me too.

♥Mimi♥ said...

How absolutely and positively WONDERFUL! You know, I ♥ Pink Saturday but when you can pair it with Christmas - my gosh, what could be better? And, you did a marvelous job☺ What a welcoming home you have...

Loved your post today, just loved it. I feel we could sit down for tea and not stop talking for hours!

Give those pooches some smooches from me☺

Shirl said...

Hello Jen, Happy Pink Saturday! I love your post this week, what pretty ornaments and your blue tree is just beautiful. I love the pics of Dutches and Angel.
Love you, Mom
Shirls Rose Cottage

Connie said...

Just beautiful, honey!

Julie said...

Hi Jen I just love the blue tree...Just beautiful...Love your little angle and Dutches...Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you can come over to visit me too.
Merry Pink Christmas

Claudia said...

I just bought a little white tree - Yours is fabulous! So pretty! I love your pets, too. Happy Pink Saturday!

vickie said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Jenn. Your doggie pics are so cute! I LOVE your white tree with the blue ornies, very pretty!

Cathy said...

Hi Jennifer, I just love the ornaments, especially the floral heart and the kitties.

The blue and white tree is stunning. YOU GO GIRL. Have a wonderful weekend.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, Jennifer... I love your sweet pink ornaments, but even more I love those Christmas dogs! How cute they are! Your blue tree is so fun!

Happy Pink Saturday...


Sheila :-)

Suzie Button said...

I love your icy blue tree also! And your baby dogs are the best! I have two English Springer Spaniels that are loves of my life! Happy Pink Saturday! Suzie

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh my goodness, Duchess is so cute!! I love her markings! Your tree is beautiful too. I love to see white trees with blue decorations!
Have a wonderful pink Saturday!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Your tree is so pretty Jen. I love that ornament you made too. Your puppies are always so cute, I love when you include them in your posts.

CC said...

Your ornaments and silver with blue tree is just gorgeous. Happy Pinks and have a lovely weekend.


Your blue and white tree is beautiful. I love that kitty ornament. Charming! blessings!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Your trees are all so very pretty!! Of course I'm partial to the pink ornies that you hand-paint. But those pretty blue ornaments run a close second. Remember the silver pom tree in my 5 yr. old pic? Well, mother put aqua orns on it that matched the turquoise chair next to the window exactly. She was ahead of her time, huh?!?

Happy PS!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

rosechicfriends said...

Awe Jen,
Your tree is gorgeous! Of course I love blues yours is just so pretty! Love your big/little baby pix too. Your Angel has really bonded with you it sounds! She is such a doll!


jeanne said...

Good morning Jen, we were gone for the weekend and I am late visiting but I want to thank you for your sweet comment on my post. I bought those dishes piece by piece in several different places. Ebay, TJ Max, and mostly a couple at a time. It has been a real hunt. I do love them.

I really love your tree and the ornaments. I will go to Sally's blog to see more detail today. Just beautiful. I too love blue and white.

I also think your pink ornaments are very pretty. One thing we all have to keep in our hearts. 'Jesus is the reason for the season.' Love the ornament to remind us.

Hugs, Jeanne