Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pink Sat Jan 2 2010

Welcome to another Pink sat.Pink Saturday,is hosted by Beverly of How Sweet The Sound. Click on her link to visit with other pink sat posters.

I just added some new pics to this post,Sherry of Country Wings of Phoenix asked to see pics of the bonfire in the snow.Sherry my computer won't laod your blog.I'm on dial up.Wish I could visit but it freezes up.Thank you for your sweet comments. Boys had a huge bonfire with friends before school starts back up.
Here is Angel and our Rustic Lodge tree.Its still snowing here.We had a huge bonfire last night in the snow it was so fun.
My friend Connie was having a giveaway over Christmas and I won.Its so pretty.Thank you Connie I love it and your work is just so beautiful.
Have a very Happy New Year,Jen


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Awwww....I love Angel....what a cutie!!!! That is one pretty pink stocking too!!!
Happy Pink Saturday!
♥ Teresa

Purvail said...

Your dog Angel looks quite comfortable ...the stocking of pink is very pretty.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Jen...
Love the pink stocking you won. Connie does such beautiful pinkness doesn't she? Just perfect.

I love the picture of your critter by the tree. Such big eyes peaking out. I love it. Looks warm and cozy.

Did you take pics of the big bonfire? How fun in the snow. I would love to see it.

Stay warm and safe Jen. Happy New Year. Please stop by and say hi. I would love to share my pink post, and I am having a giveaway for the New Year. Please stop by and sign up. Country hugs, Sherry

Marydon Ford said...

G'day, Jen ~ What a cutie Angel ... & that gorgeous pink stocking.

May 2010 bring you great happiness & joys!
TTFN ~ Marydon

Cathy said...

Happy New Year Jennifer,

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Yup, it is.

Please join me in my very first "Amour Valentine Swap". It's going to be easy, peezy and so much fun.

Just drop on over to my blog for the details, then send me an email if you'd like to participate. The more the merrier.



suesueb said...

Your bonfire pictures look so fun! It's cold down here this week but never like that!! Hope you have a wonderful New Year and pink week! Congrats on the win too!!

Pam said...

WOW a bonfire in the snow. Sounds warm and cold. Looks lovely. Your prize stocking is beautiful.

Happy Pink Saturday.

pinkkandy said...

Happy Pink Saturday!!!! God Bless you in the up coming year and always

Shirl said...

Hi Jen, love the pics of the bonfire. I'm so glad the boys got to have a great time before they head back to school. ALthough if this snow keeps ups we will not have school on Monday! LOL Angel looks adorable on the couch and I love the stocking you won from Connie!
Love you, Mom
Shirls Rose Cottage

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Jen...
Thank you sweetie.
How absolutely beautiful this is. I can feel the warmth on my face as I sit on my stump. I can hear the fire crackling and sizzling, and most of all I can hear the laughter amongst all the family.

I love it. What memories it brings back for me of times with my family during the holidays. We would sit facing the fire until we warmed up, and then would turn around to warm up the back side.

Oh Jen what wonderful memories you have made here. I love it, and I am so thrilled you shared with me. So thrilled. Thank you. Such magic.

Country hugs and so much love, Sherry

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy New Year, Jen.

A bonfire in the snow must be beautiful. Be sure to stay safe and warm.

Ah, so you are the lucky winner of Connie's giveaway. The stocking is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Pretty gift you won, Jen. Angel is soooo precious! All cuddled up and cozy :) And your beloved cat, Phoenix, is just gorgeous. I'm sorry for your loss.

The bonfire looks awesome! Happy Pink Saturday~

Anonymous said...

I love bon fires!! We used to have them all the time when we lived out on some land. A little hard to do that in town now!

What a beautiful stocking you won from Connie- she is just the sweetest!


rosechicfriends said...

Oh much fun your boys look like they are having. You have a wonderful place to have others over too!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that stocking!
Have a Happy New Year!