Sunday, February 14, 2010

Amour Valentine Swap

Happy Valentines Day,Hope you all have a great day.I have a very bad sore throat and cough. I'm drinking lots tea, juice, and meds to get over it.I have been eating chicken soup that I made friday non stop.

Here is my Beautiful box that Sherrie sent me,
Its pale pink with rhinestones and a larger feather,

Filled with lace dollis in different colors a victorian glass lady a beautiful glove and roses and angels.

Look at the beautiful tags.
Also this lovely aqua blue pillow.

Thank you so much Sherri I just LOVE everything. Now here is my swap I sent to Sherri,of "SHERRY'S ROSE COTTAGE"

I put my favorite teapot fabric on the top of the heart box I made for Sherri.

I then added beaded lace and fringe
with a pretty rose bouqet to the top.

Heres the side with pretty hope fabric.

Close up of all.

Lavender buttercreme heart cake

Pink buttercreme heart cakeHand painted rose salt and pepper set.

Victorian Hand Vase with hand painted roses
Hand painted rose satin pillow

Heart Lolli, heart hand painted lace heart dolli lace glove with aqua ribbon and pink rose

Close up of Valentine box.

I hope you enjoyed.Thank you for visiting,Jennifer


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

So pretty! I love everything!!! Gorgeous!

Connie said...

WOW WOW WOW!!! Honey, you did a fantastic job on that swap. What talent you have.

Marydon Ford said...

G'morn, Jennifer ~ These beauaties would perk anyone up ... Hope you feel better soon.

Happy Valentine's
Have a lovely day ~
Hugs, Marydon

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am loving seeing what everyone received.

This was a wonderful swap. Lots of Amour to be shared!

Happy Heart Day!

Cathy said...

What a gorgeous lots of treasures you and Sherry swapped. Wow! You guys did an amazing job getting to know each other.

It looks like you guys had a blast swapping. Thank you so much for making my first swap a very successful one!

Happy Valentine's Day my friend,

xo Cath

Shirl said...

Hello Jen, Happy Valentines Day! Wow your gifts that you gave and received are just beautiful! Your Valentine tree looks fabulous! I hope you feel better real soon. Enjoy your day of visiting Valentine Amour Swaps, this was so much fun! A big thank you to our sweet hostess Cathy!
Have a Happy Valentines Day.
Love you, Mom
Shirls Rose Cottage

Jacalyn @ said...

So, so pretty! Feel better soon! My daughters are both sick and it sounds like the same thing!

Happy Valentine's Day,

Renee said...

Jennifer, I hope you feel better soon. Happy Valentines!

rosechicfriends said...

Oh Jen!
You both were so very lucky. Great goodies by both of you! Its so much fun to see how everyone decorated their heart boxes. They are just gorgeous!


PS...hope you feel better soon. I have had a BAD cold for over a week..can't shake it!

Lisa said...

Oh my! What super lovely boxes given and received! This has been so much fun!
Hugs, Lisa

Just Between Us Girls said...

I really enjoyed seeing the swap items...just wonderful.

Vera said...

Beautiful gifts, both given and received!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Olivia Paige

Jayme said...

Everything you made was just beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day!

Lori said...

Oh Jenn get well!
So sorry we've been out of touch for awhile I'm so busy running the house, no help! And school, geesh! LOVED the box you made and want the hand vase!LOL Hope you loved yours too, which I'm sure you did! It was fun! Take care, we'll talk soon! Love,Lori

the sassy beach said...

WOW! What fun this was! I had a blast! Can't wait untill next year to do it again
Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!
hugs sassy gail

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

I think this is such a nice things you woman do for each other. You both did a fabulous job making it wonderful for each other to enjoy. How exciting with all the pretty pinks.

Enjoy your Day-

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

You two were perfect partners. Your faux pastries, and painted roses are amazing. I know your partner was blown away! Love love love everything. I'm sorry you're sick. I hope your boys gave you and extra hug or two. I know that would make you feel better. Miss you!

Shabby Shan said...

Oh my goodness...I love the box you received and sent! Everything is so pretty! Thank you for sharing!

Shabby Shan's Cottage

SherryRoseBella said...

Thank you so much, Jenn, for the beautiful Valentine box & all the wonderful treasures! I love, love, love everything! You really spoiled me, girl!! I hope you feel better soon, sweetie!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Sweet JEn! I love all the swap gifts your partner sent you and I'm sure she just SHRIEKED when she saw all the BEAUTY you gifted her with!! Love the fabric you chose for her box and the faux cakes are beautiful, as is everything! Feel better soon, sweetie~

Angelic Accents

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love it all....gorgeous pictures...and so unique....
Enjoyed my visit to your blog tonight while doing a little blog hopping. Hope you will stop by mine. This is my ONE YEAR Blog Anniversary and prizes everyday....



It is all just so wonderful! all the pretties...

Sarah said...

I'm late, but trying to catch up on Pink Saturday posts. What a fun swap.

vickie said...

WOW Jenn, what a wonderful swap, you two did a fantastic job! Everything is just beautiful!!!
Take care, feel better soon.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jenn,
I have missed you so much and hope you are feeling better now. Your treasures are gorgeous. I love the buttercreme cakes and all that you have created. Your swap items are precious.
Looks like the swap was a lot of fun for all.

Big hugs~~
Love ya, Celestina Marie

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jennifer, So nice to see you as I have missed you so much. I know you are busy on the farm. Hope all is well with you and your family. Give Duchess a big puppy hug from Miss Beazy and me.
Loved seeing you pretties again.

I finally got pics to share of my bath redesign. So glad to be finished and back in the studio full time. We had snow last night. Very cold today but I am sure Spring is on the way with warmer temps.
Have a wonderful week.
Love ya, Celestina Marie

Cathy said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for stopping by my blog and joining in my "Cottage Style" feature celebration 'give-away'. Good Luck!

Have a great day,


rosechicfriends said...

Where are you? I hope you are doing okay. Been missing you and wondering what you are up too? Are you feeling better now?


rosechicfriends said...

Where are you? I am beginning to wonder if you are okay? We miss you in PRH and blog land! Come by and visit and let me know you are okay!
I know you were sick in too! Hope you are all better now and that you haven't been around because you are busy!

Big Hugs,

vickie said...

Oh Jenn, what a beautiful swap for you both, really outstanding.
Hope you are feeling better. I put pics of your painted eggs on my Pink Sat/Easter blog.

take care and
big hugs, Vickie

Willow said...

Wow so many beautiful heart things. You and she was very lucky.

Thanks for joining my blog.


shabbyrosetreasures said...

Oh my heavens you have my heart with alOh my these are darling and I just love your site! If you have a chance stop by I am giving away a pretty little rose teapot for the month of April! Looking forward to your visit!
Olivial of your pink rose goodness!

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Jenn, So nice to see you today and thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments. I have really missed you and was wondering how you are doing. So nice to visit your pretty blog again and see your gorgeous creations. Hope you are enjoying the Springtime. How is Dutchess? Beazy is hiding because storms are coming. Tomorrow is predicted to be 92. Summer is almost here.
Have a great weekend.
Love ya, Celestina Marie

Kathy said...

undisvisiting those who've entered my Cottage Charm Giveaway! Love your site - became a follower - love, love, love pink!
The Lab made me miss ours,
God Bless,

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi, Sweet Jen!! Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway ~ good luck!

Happy PS a day late! BTW, do you realize how MUCH I MISS YOU?!?! Hope you are doing well!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

What a lovely swap!
I did one this month also!
I hope you get this note- I wanted to stop by and say HI! and that I got your entries for the birdcage giveaway, thank you!
It was so nice to meet you!
Blessings to you as you make your home!