Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Summer Projects Craft Designs.

Welcome to another pink Satarday.Visit here:
I 'm sharing my Summer Projects and designs.Hope you enjoy them.My aqua retro kitchen set with hand painted roses.
 Retro salt and pepper set.                                      Summer Beauty faux cake

 Retro aqua hand painted  toothpick holder

retro aqua sugar shaker pink hand painted roses

Retro aqua timer pink roses

faux cookie ornaments

Blue tea cake

Choc Brownie Delight

Pastel blue cake,I love designing these cakes.

Special order napkin ring holder cake with Peonies.

Heart cookie.

Lavender Tea cake

Keepsake box.

Pink Tea Cake

Hand painted rose seashells

Hand painted ornaments.

Blue Belle cake

Fall Cake.

Tooth Fairy Cake hidden upon the roses is a little purse to hide your tooth for your little girl,while she waits for the tooth fairy.In my Etsy shop.

Tooth Fairy Holder Cake



Lavender and Lace Cake

Pumpkin Patch Cake
Thank you for stopping by.Hope you enjoy.My Etsy and Ebay links can be found on my blog on the right hand side.Jen (:


Patti said...

Wow! YOU have been on busy lady. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Jennifer. I have missed you.♥ I am so glad you joined us, and I hope you will be back often.

I can't believe all of the wonderful things you have created. My very favorite is the painted seashells. They look so delicate, and they make me think of the ocean.

Jennifer said...

Thank you Patti.Yes I am always very busy!lol I just can't keep up with my blog at times. thank you again Jennifer

Jennifer said...

Hello Beverly.So sorry I'm late in seeing this.I have been so very busy.I am a Grand mom now to the most beautiful little boy.He has brought so much joy into our lives.The funny thing is he loves my crafting painting each piece I finish and show him he smiles and touches make his sweet little baby talk to it.I know he approves it.Lol My boys have all Graduated now.Oldest is in the Navy.The other 2 work full time now.I have missed you also and Pink Sat.Hope to be able to post a lot more.Thank you so much on my Hand painting also Beverly.(: