Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring chicks and ducks

About a week ago the boys bought 8 ducks from Tractor Supply and a few more chicks.Above is Mikes little duck.When he picked this duck out it was the smallest and pretty weak.He was attached at first sight.The cashier wanted him not to take it and insisted on him putting it back.She even tried to get me too when he was not looking.So I called Mike over and told him what she said,and that she didn't think he was gonna make it and she wanted him to leave him.Mike said, No I want him.I told him he would get upset if it didn't make it. Then asked him if he was sure he wanted to chance it?He said yes he was gonna help this lil guy and try to get him better.The cashier told Mike he was one strong minded boy and she thought alot of him to take this sick duck and help him.He smiled at her.So we left with the little black and yellow duck.After one night home with TLC from Mikey the ducky was doing great.The big yellow one is Marcus's duck.All are doing wonderful and growing bigger by the day.


shirl said...

They are so cute. I'm so happy Mike's duck is doing well. He is so sweet. He loves all Gods little creatures, just like you!
Love ya, Mom
Shirl's Rose Cottage

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Jenn, this post brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful little guy Mikey is! You must be so proud of him! So caring. I am so happy that sweet little duck is doing well, as are the rest of them! They are so CUTE, I just want to hold one, lol!!

Love ya,

Dolly said...

Aw that is so sweet!
I think Mikey did the right thing...that lil ducky needs lots of lovin and he is the one to give it to him!
Thats precious!

I hope you have a pond for them!


vickie said...

What a wonderful story, the little ducks are so cute, glad they are doing well.

celestina marie said...

Hi Jenn, What a wonderful son you have with a caring heart for God's smallest creatures. You past this on to him and it is such a blessings. I am so glad the sweet duck is doing well. Great pictures!
La Rea Rose

Connie said...

Jen, those chicks are adorable. It almost makes me want some...ALMOST. Hah

Mickey said...

Hi Jen,
You can tell Mikey I think he's great ( as I sit here with tears in my eyes). Let me know how his lil duck is doing.
Bobby told me he got to see the ducks his last visit. I hope to get to come see them before they get bigger.
Talk soon,
Love Mickey
PS I'm off this weekend , let me know your schedule.

Stephanie said...

Precious pics! I'm so glad that the little duckies are doing great now!

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